The Backyard Bomb Squad
Pet Waste Removal Service

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Hear what our clients have to say about The Backyard Bomb Squad:

As a wife to a deployed soldier and the mother to a toddler and three high-energy dogs, it's easy to say my life can get pretty hectic. I contacted The Backyard Bomb Squad for weekly poop-scooping; it had been over a month since I had the opportunity to clean the backyard, and I truly believed it was going to take them at least another month to completely have it cleaned, but it didn't.  I was also very impressed with Paul, who came to do our initial consultation. He was very friendly and trust-worthy, and my dogs had taken to him instantly.  It is very nice to be able to come home and know that my yard is well taken care of.  I would recommend The Backyard Bomb Squad to anyone, they truly care about you and your pets!
Tracy Kellett

To anyone considering using a dog waste removal service, I would highly recommend The Backyard Bomb Squad for your service needs.  I have used The Backyard Bomb Squad for a while and they are prompt, efficient and the price is right, not to mention how friendly they are to me and my pets.
Thank you BBS!

Linda Nason
Colorado Springs, CO

The Backyard Bomb Squad pet waste removal service has been a blessing for me and my two dogs.

I have been using their services for quite some time now, and I have nothing but good things to say about their business. Not only are they prompt and courteous, their professionalism with my dogs and my home leaves my mind at ease.

I no longer have to worry about stepping in poo while running around the yard with my dogs. When company comes over, my thoughts aren’t directed towards the appearance of my landscaping. I am confident that unsightly mounds of waste are not present.

I would recommend The Backyard Bomb Squad to anyone looking for responsible and kind pooper scoopers. Their services allow you to free some time for things that are most important.

A very satisfied client,

Michael Levesque
Black Forest, CO

I highly recommend the Backyard Bomb Squad .

The Backyard Bomb Squad's courteous, pleasant staff do a thorough job cleaning up after my two dogs.  My dogs enjoy their visits and I completely trust the Backyard Bomb Squad to make sure that my dogs don't run out of the yard and that they will close the gate when leaving.  As an unexpected benefit, they let me know when they noticed a change in my dog's poop, alerting us to a potential physical problem--when I did my own scooping, I never looked closely enough to notice!

Thanks to the Backyard Bomb Squad, we can really enjoy summer in Colorado.  I no longer have to do the most dreaded of all chores, and I'm no longer embarrassed when an unexpected visitor drops by...only to learn the hard way that the yard is littered with dog poop!

Cheryl Kezziah
Colorado Springs, CO
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