The Backyard Bomb Squad
Pet Waste Removal Service

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Services & Fees
he Backyard Bomb Squad provides dog waste removal to residences in Colorado Springs, Falcon and Security/Widefield. 
We are insured for your protection and provide dependable, professional and courteous service on a weekly basis. 
We are thorough in our coverage of your property and will advise you of any health related concerns due to changes in your dog's stool.

Your service day is based on location and your yard will be serviced on the same day each week.

Initial Service Procedure
During the first visit, we would like you to introduce us to your dogs and show us around the yard. The meeting should last 5–10 minutes. Afterwards, we will schedule your weekly service day.  Your initial clean-up fee will be waived at this time if one month's service is paid in advance or if you place a credit card on file for automatic payment. The free initial clean-up is good for up to 25 lb.'s. We reserve the right to charge an initial cleanup fee for exceptionally dirty yards.

ur rates are based on the number of dogs in your household or the number of dogs being cared for on your premises during each week of service.

An additional fee may be applied to yards that exceed 1/4 acre.

ur rates per week are as follows:

1 dog

 per visit
$52 avg 4 wk month
2 dogs

per visit
$60 avg 4 wk month
3 dogs

per visit
$68 avg 4 wk month
4 dogs

per visit
$72 avg 4 wk month
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