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Welcome to The Backyard Bomb Squad's Pet Waste Removal Service where we have been keeping backyards in the Colorado Springs area poop free since 2003.  

The Backyard Bomb Squad was created to relieve you of the disgusting and time consuming burden of keeping your back yard clean and waste free. Owning a dog is a rewarding and fun experience for the whole family. But let's face it, they have to poop somewhere. Remember, your backyard is your dog's toilet - YUK!!  

The Backyard Bomb Squad locates, scoops and takes away the nasty surprises that ruin your yard and mess up your free time!  Our service is provided on a weekly basis in order to guarantee and maintain yard cleanliness and appearance.  The Backyard Bomb Squad offers professional, friendly and reliable service that you will always be able to depend on week in and week out.  You will no longer have to worry about that extra chore, passing the buck or the embarrassment of family and friends seeing your unhealthy and dirty yard. 


When starting weekly service with The Backyard Bomb Squad, you get your Initial Clean-up FREE! (up to 25 pounds)  We do not believe in charging you an extra $25-$85 initial clean-up fee on top of your normal weekly rate as others do!  The savings from our Free Initial Clean-up pays for 1-2 months of service!!! 

So don't wait.  Let us keep backyard barbecues, playtime with puppy and that game of catch the way it was intended - with no SURPRISES!  The Backyard Bomb Squad can help keep your yard clean and Doo-dy free. Think of us as your very own poo crew!

Call The Backyard Bomb Squad today for your free estimate and Free Initial Clean-up. (up to 25 pounds) 

A Call Today Means a Poop Free Tomorrow.


We proudly scoop poop in:

Colorado Springs

Professional, Reliable, Insured

Free Service

Refer a friend and receive two weeks of service for FREE!

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